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Information for candidates - Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems

Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems is an offer for students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree. We give you the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the field of collecting, processing, and analysis of the spatial data for the needs of modern navigation systems. First of all, you will learn the principles of designing, developing and using mobile measurement platforms and mobile mapping systems (MMS). You will learn how to design location-based systems (LBS) and navigation applications (GNSS, GNSS/INS). Furthermore, you will achieve a comprehensive knowledge about outdoor (self-driving car, UAV) and indoor navigation systems.

MMNS 001

  • A program tailored for modern technological trends to meet the expectation of the labour market which is spectacularly growing in recent years.
  • Unique master degree program on the world scale and the only one in Poland.
  • A wide range of scientists and academics supported by the experts from a leading company in this field.
  • All lectures and tutorials provided in English.
  • Three semesters (1,5 years) program which allows students to complete the Master of Science in Engineering degree, starts in February.

The Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography of the Warsaw University of Technology

The Faculty is the oldest teaching and research academic institution in Poland in the field of geomatics. It started its activity in 1921 as a Measurement Department. The present name has been used since 1954. In 2021 we will celebrate 100 years of academic work.

We provide a study in three fields at B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Polish:

Geodesy and Cartography in 7 specialties:

  •  Geodesy and Satellite Navigation
  •  Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  •  Cartography and GIS
  •  Geodesy Engineering
  •  Cadastre and Land Management
  •  Spatial Information Systems
  •  Mobile Mapping and Navigation Systems (English only)

Spatial Planning and Management in 2 specialties:

    Urban Design in Spatial Planning
    Environmental Conditions of Spatial Planning

Geoinformatics (bachelor degree only)

MMNS 002

What you will learn:
• To design advance location-based services (LBS), and navigation solution based on GNSS/INS, assisted-GNSS, and other radio frequency systems (e.g. Wideband, WiFi, Bluetooth).
• To design mobile measurement platforms (UAV, self-driving cars, MMS/MLS).
• To develop precise positioning and attitude (orientation) determination systems (GNSS, GNSS/INS, Inertial Measurement Unit).
• To collect, process and analyses geospatial data (i.e. LiDAR, photogrammetry, mobile mapping, etc.).
• To choose appropriate techniques for acquiring spatial data (photogrammetry, remote sensing, computer vision).
• To integrate and process the data from multiple sensors for navigation applications.
• To develop advanced geovisualization of spatial data for the navigation or other systems.

You will create technologies of the future.

MMNS 003

Career opportunities can be found in companies or institutions dealing with:
• processing and analysis of geospatial data;
• designing location and navigation applications;
• developing positioning and attitude determination systems for mobile measurement platforms such as: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), mobile measurement platforms (MMS/MLS) etc.;
• creating systems for crisis management;
• intelligent transport technologies (ITS);
• autonomous vehicles.

More information for candidates:

MMNS 000

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